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Pneumatic Telescopic Masts

Pneumatic Telescopic Mast is a latest innovation, forming part of an integral communication of systems. These masts are light weight and meant for quick erection, ranging from 5 to 25meters height. Pneumatic masts are extended by using low pressure air. The accessories supplied either from a compressor, in case of smaller masts, from a foot pump.

We offer Pneumatic Telescopic Masts as per JSS 55555 Environmental Specs. Applications:

  • - Military Communications
  • - Surveillance
  • - Elevated Testing
  • - Mobile Radar
  • - Areal Photography
  • - Meteorology

Electro-mechanical Telescopic (COW) Masts

The electromechanical telescopic mast is made of high tensile aluminum alloy or Stainless Steel sections. The sections are extended or retracted by a screw rod or winch mechanism driven by suitable electric motor. It can also be operated manually. These masts are offered with extended heights from 3 to 21 Mtrs with self supporting and guy supporting options, with load of Max 100 Kgs.


  • - Navigation
  • - Communications
  • - Defense
  • - Telecom
  • - Cellular on Wheels (COW)

Mechanical Telescopic Masts

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Hydraulic Telescopic Masts

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