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Electrical Transmission and Distribution Structures

We are engaged in Design and Manufacturing of Steel Structures for Electrical Transmission and Distribution networks.

What we offer:
  • * Street Lighting Poles
    • - For roadway and highway lighting.
    • - Round or conical shape with heights from 8 thru 12 M.
    • - With hot dip galvanize and painted finish.
  • * Area Lighting and High Mast Poles
    • - For playgrounds, car parks and large open areas
    • - Octagonal shapes 5 thru 12 M
    • - Hot dip galvanized and painted
  • * Transmission Poles

Flexibility, ease of installation, maintenance free, reliability .... These are just some of the advantages provided by our galvanized steel monopoles over concrete or lattice structures. We design, manufacture and supply any tapered steel poles for Transmission networks.

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