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About L J Technologies

We provide leading-edge Mechanical/Pneumatic/Hydraulic solutions for Telecom/Communications/Electrical Transmission/Meteorology sectors, aimed to redefine the concept of Design & Development of Quality Product and specializing in Customized Products. L.J. Technologies established in 2007, with its Reg. office in Hyderabad, INDIA. Our Team, qualified and dedicated work force with an expertise of the latest Technologies in continual commitment for the growth and business development. We designs, fabricates, supplies and installs the Mono Poles and Towers, Guy-Supported Towers, Communication Masts and Telescopic Masts etc. with the pure intention of providing complete solution to today's requirements for cellular, communication, Electrical Transmission & Distribution and Meteorology Fields.

We are also specialized in manufacturing of Drawn Arc Welding and Capacitor Discharge Welding Consumables/Fasteners.

Our Vision & Mission:

  • - To be an innovative Product development company, creating values and attaining global Benchmark.
  • - To enhance Business Development with sustained service and support to all our clients through a core set of values.
  • - To be the preferred partner for Defence and Industrial sector in this Technology era.

Our Values:

  • - Sustained Innovative Engineering.
  • - Partnership and Team Work.
  • - Continuous Quality Improvements.
  • - Cost Optimization.
  • - Enhanced Customer satisfaction.

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